Workers Compensation

What To Do If You’re Hurt On The Job

Workers compensation, injury at work, painYou’ve had a on the job accident and have gone through every procedure that is required. You’re still in pain despite going to the doctors and physical therapy. What next? It may be time to give chiropractic a try. 


Chiropractors are professionally trained to deal with conditions that may be overlooked by a medical doctor. Don’t continue to live with the pain, let us discover the source of your pain, treat it, and allow you to heal, so that you can continue living a healthy  and active lifestyle. 


One another reason you should consider adding chiropractic care, chiropractors can  handle your work related injury without pain medications and  the potential for surgery. 


Circumstances That May Be Covered Under Workers Compensation If You Get Hurt

  • Trauma at work
  • During mandated company travel
  • Hearing loss
  • A former condition made worst by your work
  • A disease and sickness that stem from work
  • During company events, even if the event is considered social and not on company property
  • Mental conditions such as depression (which may be difficult to prove)
  • Even if you breaking the rules, your injury may be covered


Circumstances That May NOT Be Covered Under Workers Compensation If You Get Hurt

  • If you were on your lunch break, unless you were on company premises
  • Self inflicted injury
  • If you were commuting to a fixed location, such as an office


We Offer A Full Range Of Services, That We Bring To YOU

Call us for your us for you workers compensation care. Whether you’re too busy or in too much pain to travel to us, we take that burden off you and travel to you. Don’t loose out by not getting treatment, we have a host of benefits such as needing a X-ray or completing paper work to be sent in.